Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Sailing around the house

Well I've got lots of errands to do today and some housework is also in order!

I like the green and blue colour scheme, it's quite fresh.
I feel a bit like a mariner in this cool stripey top so I've gone with it and added sneakers, fab nautical Tiffany jewellery and a double-collared coat which wouldn't be out of place on a fishing trawler!

My Givenchy tote is big enough to forage for shellfish from the shoreline if the urge took me.

Have a fab day!

Sailing around the house

Enza Costa blue sweater
€319 - jades24.com

Frieda knit jacket
$465 - reissonline.com

Paul Smith pleated pants
£284 - farfetch.com

Vans shoes
54 CAD - gravitypope.com

Givenchy leather tote
$1,280 - barneys.com

Toy Watch water resistant watch
$195 - bloomingdales.com

Sterling silver earrings
$575 - tiffany.com

Anchor necklace
$400 - tiffany.com

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