Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween Hotty

A Halloween costume doesn't have to be hideous!

I'm channelling superstardom today and dressing the part in this gorgeous strapless number with a faux fur shrug.
I had to push the boat out for the accessories as it wouldn't be very convincing if there wasn't enough sparkle.  So I've sprinkled myself with almost $3million worth of Tiffany diamonds.

What can I say, I'm worth it.

Have a fab day!

Halloween Hotty

Matthew Eager evening dresses ball gown
$439 -

rachelle faux fur shrug
£70 -

Clutch bag
$595 -

Ball necklace
$3,350 -

Round diamond ring
$950,000 -

Round diamond ring
$1,900,000 -

Platinum jewelry
$35,000 -

Platinum earrings
$14,925 -

Art deco jewelry
$78,000 -

White glove
$14 -

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