Thursday, 13 October 2011

Pale in comparison

Well I don't feel like standing out today but I have a feeling that I will, in this classy combination.

These A-mazing shoes look like they were made to go with this chic, Jil Sander dress.  I'd be happy just wearing this!

I've accessorised with understated items which scream style on their own; a Vivienne Westwood orb ring, diamond tennis bracelet and simple drop earrings.  But I think I'll be storing the sunglasses in my Alexander Wang satchel as I don't think there'll be much need for them today.

Have a fab day!

Pale in comparison

Jil Sander belted dress
$1,675 -

Chrissie Morris snakeskin heels
£420 -

Alexander wang handbag
$1,295 -

White gold jewelry
$4,664 -

€540 -

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